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Stanford Routt To Chiefs: Former Raiders Cornerback Reaches Three-Year Deal WIth Kansas City

The Kansas City Chiefs are being proactive for sure this offseason with the announcement that Stanford Routt has signed the first major free agent deal of the offseason with the team. His deal is a reported three year deal worth $20 million according to Pro Football Talk.

Scott Pioli is apparently refusing to wait on Brandon Carr to make up his mind one way or the other, or perhaps he already has decided to leave. Either way, it’s very difficult to believe the Chiefs will re-sign Carr and keep him and Flowers and Routt all together. Carr will be more expensive than Routt, so it’s clear the team is likely moving on.

In the meantime, the Chiefs can now focus on retaining Dwayne Bowe in a long-term deal, perhaps using the franchise tag if they have to, while knowing that Routt and Flowers will keep the cornerback position held down for foreseeable future. Carr will certainly be missed, but if he was going to leave, this is a best case scenario for the Chiefs.

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