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Chiefs Free Agency: Peyton Hillis Could Make Sense To Reunite With Brian Daboll

When it comes to free agency analysis and predictions, the Kansas City Chiefs are usually predicted to land some sort of running back amid the veterans available. BenJarvus Green-Ellis has been discussed here already since former Patriots seem to wash up on the shores of Kansas City (figuratively speaking) every year since Scott Pioli was brought in. Now Peyton Hillis is being mentioned because of his ties with new Chiefs offensive coordinator Brian Daboll.

Of course, none of this makes sense unless the Chiefs need a running back, but they definitely will address the position in some way this offseason. Jamaal Charles will return from a torn ACL next season. Rehab is reportedly going well, but such an injury is going to be a risky comeback. Thomas Jones is getting older and the team will need more of a bruiser type, especially in the red zone. Enter a guy like Hillis.

Daniel Wolf writes, "It seems Hillis is destined to test the free agent waters and he may not have to look far since his former offensive coordinator could be looking to add another rusher into the mix with his new team. In 2010, Hillis broke out under Brian Daboll's offense and Daboll is now the offensive coordinator for the Kansas City Chiefs.

"The Chiefs do not need a starting running back since they have Jamaal Charles, but what they do need is an insurance policy in case Charles is not fully recovered from the ACL injury he suffered in September ... Hillis would probably have to take less to play more of a backup role, but he also might need a change of scenery since it seems the Browns are more or less fed up with him."

Hillis is coming off of a dramatic year where it seemed that both he and the Browns were at odds with each other, and Hillis ended up a frustrated player with only 3 touchdowns on the season. He rushed only 161 times for 587 yards, a far cry from the season that landed him on the cover of Madden 2012. Yet that could be the perfect grab for a team like the Chiefs who will find a good bargain in Hillis and a player motivated to turn the corner in a new town.