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Could Brandon Carr End Up With Denver Broncos In NFL Free Agency?

Right after the Kansas City Chiefs officially announced the signing of Stanford Routt to a three-year deal, the rumor mill started about where current Chiefs cornerback Brandon Carr might end up. After all, the Chiefs signed Routt to a defensive backfield that already has larger contracts given to Eric Berry at safety and Brandon Flowers at the other starting corner spot. There's only so much money to go around for the unit, after all.

Carr is currently able to negotitate with the Chiefs and could still be franchised, but he's likely to go somewhere else as a free agent or at least in a sign and trade. If he's able to walk, Bill Williamson wonders if the Denver Broncos are a possibility.

He writes, "I thought Denver would be the favorite in the division to land Routt, but the Broncos reportedly never had any interest. Carr could pair nicely with the aging Champ Bailey for the short term. The Broncos could then have Carr take over as the No.1 cornerback if Bailey is eventually moved to safety. The Broncos have cap room and I could see them looking at Carr."

The Broncos definitely need talent and youth in the secondary, but the Broncos could use more help at safety where Rahim Moore didn't work out so well last season and Brian Dawkins is getting awfully old. Carr is also likely to jump ship to the highest bidder and that's likely to come from his hometown Detroit Lions if anywhere. Still the Broncos are an option and it would be intriguing if it all comes down to musical chairs within the division.