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Chiefs Free Agency: Quarterback Competition For Matt Cassel Could Include Chad Henne

Everyone has made it clear that the Kansas City Chiefs will change things up at the quarterback position this offseason. At this point, the only person not advocating for some competition for Matt Cassel is the Chiefs starting quarterback himself, and the Chiefs brass has already announced that someone will be signed to provide an adversary in training camp for Cassel to contend with.

Most of the names tossed around include Kyle Orton, who impressed in a late season three game stint, as well as Jason Campbell, who will likely leave the Oakland Raiders after the team mortgaged the future for Carson Palmer. But Chad Henne is about to hit the market given the reported lack of interest from the Miami Dolphins and he's a player that new Chiefs offensive coordinator Brian Daboll is very familiar with.

Daboll did his best work with the Dolphins with Matt Moore under center, but Henne might make a fine back-up quarterback option for the Chiefs, who will need someone to come in. The Dolphins spoke highly of him even as they prep to let him walk.

"Chad has done what we’ve asked him to do. I like Chad personally very well. He’s very smart. Very intelligent. Very tough. A football guy. He loves being around the game and is a very good teammate," Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland said."But this football team didn’t win enough games when he was quarterback here. But that doesn’t mean he did everything wrong, or right. If he goes somewhere else, Chad’s a good football player. He can play in this league."

Henne is likely a lot lower on the list than what the fans or front office of the Chiefs would like. However, he's there as another option in case the pickings are slimmer than anybody hopes.