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NFL Draft 2012: Chiefs Greatest Needs Listed As Guard And Center

Gary Horton of Scouts, Inc. has come out with his complete list of every AFC team's greatest needs as the NFL offseason gets set to unfold, and the Kansas City Chiefs come in with needs as you might expect along the offensive line. However, for Horton, he believes the Chiefs' greatest needs lie in the interior and not at right tackle as you might assume. While he has Barry Richardson's spot at RT listed at No. 2, Horton says the first issue for the Chiefs this year is the age and lack of performance in the middle.

Horton writes, "There is too much age and mediocre production on the interior of this offensive line. Center Casey Wiegmann and guard Ryan Lilja seemed to wear down late in the season, and there needs to be a talent upgrade here along with more youth in this run-oriented offense."

Rodney Hudson should be slated to take over at some position depending on what the Chiefs do, and if they can find a right tackle somewhere else, they could even take David DeCastro early in the draft and bolster the inside with the best player available. Then again, this is a very deep draft for interior offensive linemen, so the Chiefs could strike gold in the middle rounds and still get a starting quality player.