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NFL Combine 2012: Dontari Poe Set To Impress Teams With Need At Defensive Tackle

The defensive interior largely hinges on the ability of a defensive tackle to plug the middle and create mismatches that free up playmakers for the pass rush. But many defenses lack the playmaker in the middle like the Ravens enjoy with Haloti Ngata, for example. Dontari Poe has the build and strength to possibly become another option in the upcoming 2012 NFL Draft for those teams that need one, and it’s likely that scouts and execs will take notice at the upcoming NFL Combine.

The Memphis star already has the attention of everyone in mock drafts as Poe is always somewhere on the board in the first round. The question is how high the DT will go. Wes Bunting says he’s likely going to impress everyone this week in Indianapolis.

“To be blunt, Poe is simply a freak of nature,” writes Bunting. “He’s a massive man who carries his weight extremely well. He also showcases natural fluidity, coordination and power, and should be able to “wow” in just about every phase of his workout. You don’t see linemen often with his size and overall athleticism, and ultimately I think this workout is what really starts to get his buzz going as we approach April.”

The Chiefs are likely going to take a close look at him simply because they have so few options at the position right now. Jerrell Powe is the only player of note and he’s a developmental sixth round choice from last season. The Chiefs likely need at least two new bodies there heading into 2012 and Poe would be an impressive one to add.