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NFL Free Agency: Dwayne Bowe Mentioned As Option For Buffalo Bills

The Kansas City Chiefs aren’t likely to let Dwayne Bowe go. After all, the team has stated publicly on multiple occasions that they want him back and that they are executing that as their main priority in their offseason plan. So it’s hard to even bother talking about any other destinations for the wide receiver when KC has the control with the franchise tag in hand. However, if Bowe could potentially leave the Chiefs, the Buffalo Bills are being brought up as a possibility.

ESPN’s James Walker wonders whether or not Bowe’s ties to Chan Gailey could make a difference. The Bills have an obvious need at wideout with Stevie Johnson up for free agency and Bowe would fit the bill, pardon the pun. It’s the same argument used for the Chicago Bears who now have Phil Emery calling the shots. Walker writes:

Bills coach Chan Gailey was Kansas City’s offensive coordinator in 2008, when Bowe set a career-high with 86 receptions. Gailey knows what Bowe can do, and Bowe proved he can fit in Gailey’s offense.

Bowe and Johnson have put up comparable numbers the past two seasons. But Bowe is a more physical specimen and bigger game-breaker than Johnson. The Bills’ front office may not want to pay Johnson approximately $8 million per season, but they may be willing to do that for Bowe. The AFC East blog ran a poll on how much Buffalo should pay Johnson, and a majority of readers picked $5-$7 million.

No matter what they could offer, the reality is that Bowe isn’t going anywhere this offseason. It’s a pipe dream for any team to consider Bowe in their uniforms simply because it’s a waste of time. KC is prepped to keep him and has the power and the money to do so.