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Peyton Manning Has Not Thrown For New Colts Head Coach, General Manager

The latest buzz from the NFL Scouting Combine concerning the hometown quarterback Peyton Manning of the Indianapolis Colts is that the new head coach and general manager have no new information. They haven’t even seen him throw. While that’s no news, it could also be taken as good or bad news if you’re one of the possible destinations he could land if released — like the Chiefs, Dolphins, Seahawks or Redskins.

The fact that they have no new information means that Manning is not a priority for the new regime. If the Colts had any real vision for keeping Manning around, then it would be a strong priority for Ryan Grigson and Chuck Pagano to keep tabs on Manning’s progress. The fact that they are clueless and being so candid along the way implies that the team is naturally moving on and any statements to the contrary from Jim Irsay, for example, is really just about playing nice.

On the other hand, if the team’s new regime has not seen him throw, that could also be cause for concern. If Manning is throwing then Manning is healthy. If Manning cannot throw, then there’s continued cause for alarm with the nerve issue in his neck. The teams interested in Manning need their quarterback to be able to rehab and eventually get back to form. The fact that the new regime hasn’t seen him likely means nothing, but the worst case scenario could make that into bad news.

The reality is that anything concerning Peyton is moving at a glacial pace and the Combine being in town will likely keep anything else at bay. The Colts will be busy looking at new prospects like everyone else and dealing with more Manning news makes no sense unless the team is officially ready to make a move on way or the other. For now, everyone is left searching a few quotes wondering what to make of it all.