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Peyton Manning Rumors: Colts Jim Irsay, Ryan Grigson Are 'Working To Getting That Resolved'

The Indianapolis Colts are hoping to finally take care of the drama surrounding the potential release of franchise icon Peyton Manning and there are several teams waiting in the wings with plans of their own if the Colts let Manning walk this off-season. In a scenario no one saw coming 12 months ago, Manning is on the verge of leaving the one team he’s been associated with his entire Hall of Fame career. But now, Ryan Grigson, the team’s new general manager, says they’re “”!/adbrandt/status/172791635715956736" target="new">working to getting that resolved’ when asked at the 2012 NFL Combine about Manning’s future.

Manning has a long road ahead before he’s ready to put on an NFL helmet and start for any team, but his pocket intelligence, presence and ability is so good that teams will still be lining up for the chance to sign him.

The Chiefs, Dolphins, Seahawks and Redskins have all been mentioned and many more are likely ready to join the fold, including the Cardinals. Manning’s nerve regeneration is a wild card at this point, but the dearth of solid starting options in the NFL is simply making many teams desperate for an answer.

An answer will come soon enough but nothing will likely happen until next week when the smoke clears in Indy from the NFL Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium. There’s simply other business in front of a new regime that has a lot of work to do on a roster in fragments.