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50 Things That Will Happen If Peyton Manning Signs With The Kansas City Chiefs, Or Not

This is not intended to be serious so if you're looking for anything more than a quick laugh to distract you from work for the next seven minutes then I suggest you click on the next page.

I posed the question on twitter.

Again, writing a story for need quotes from fans. 50 things that will happen if Peyton signs in KC. funnier/better RT

These things will all happen if Peyton Manning signs with the Kansas City Chiefs, as told by different Chiefs fans.

1. Chiefs will win the West @tdehoff

2. Jon McGraw switches from plastic to paper if Peyton gets signed. @Kalophoenix

3. I will travel 7000 miles to watch a game....probably bigger things than that @chiefsinchina

4. chiefs signing Peyton would counteract the Mayan calendar @cowboynchrist

5. Sales of Oreo cookies would skyrocket in Kansas City

6. Clark Hunt would make money

7. Matt Cassel will cry @tdehoff

8. Peyton gets an assistant to follow him around picking up his candy wrappers. @Chief_Wildcat

9. If Peyton signs in Kansas City, I'm naming my first born after him. @TheFilmRoom

10. Peyton's arm and neck make a full recovery only to have T.J. break his thumb in training camp. @Chief_Wildcat

11. We have 2 years until the next rebuild. @DThomasReigns

12. Justin Timberlake sings the national anthem, every Sunday.

13. Haley whips Pioli's ass for sticking him with Cassel and getting Manning now that he's gone. @tdehoff

14. Some dude at a pizza joint in KC feels vindicated

15. Arrowhead Pride explodes

16. Dwayne Bowe signs and becomes greatest Chiefs wide receiver of all-time, if he isn't already.

17. Peyton gets a company paid, tapped cell phone with unlimited minutes and a security cam in his locker. @Chief_Wildcat

18. Headline. Matt cassel saves crippled manning from burning home @njh09

19. as a Pastor in Indiana, I can wear a red #18 Manning jersey every Sunday.

20. Peyton Manning will do a Mastercard commercial from Oklahoma Joe's - "Cook that meat! Cook that meat!" @Chief_Wildcat

21. I will fly to San Diego, buy you a beer, see a couple giraffes, and fly home @Teeeenwolf

22. i got shot of patron @bkissel7

23. I've got a BOTTLE of Patron if you both are in KS at the same time. @KaloPhoenix

24. I have a shot and a half of Czech absinthe and some honey whiskey moonshine I'll throw in too. @AnAverageGatsby

25. Jeremy Lin will sign with the Miami Heat

26. Tyler Palko finds out he's not returning

27. Chris Sembower will create the best "Posterized" in history

28. Scott Pioli will be given Key to the City

29. The war on terror will end

30. Fox News will endorse Obama

31. Larry Johnson will win "Man of the Year"

32. Nickelback will still suck

33. Cross Canadian Ragweed will get back together

34. My 50-1 $100 bet on the Chiefs to win the Super Bowl will pay for the bar tab I run up at the Super Bowl

35. Gus Johnson will sound overly excited

36. Hundreds of thousands of Kansas Citians will Web-MD search "Neck Problems"

37. Chris Weinke will be on 610 and 810 radio talking about recovery

38. There will be "Hoopla" involved

39. Commissioned season-ticket sales staff will be making it rain in Vegas very shortly

40. Scott Pioli will wear a shirt to the press conference that says "Tamper This!"

41. Kent Babb will write a story citing 28 people in Indiana that are pissed off at Peyton

42. Adam Teicher will give a video blog from his dungeon

43. Larry Johnson does his required community service by helping take down the Manning billboard in Miami

44. Tony Gonzalez will quietly say "damnit" to himself

45. Brian Daboll decides to rent in Kansas City, not buy

46. I'll honor my word and pay for him to go to San Francisco

47. Jeremy Lin, Tim Tebow, Brett Favre and your neck will sit in a room together, and ESPN will explode.

48. The Chiefs will win the division

49. The Chiefs will win the AFC

50. The Chiefs will win the Super Bowl

Did I miss something? Tell me about it @bkissel7