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Peyton Manning Rumors: Have Chiefs Tampered With Colts Quarterback?

Even though the NFL Combine is in full stride in Indianapolis, the bigger football news concerns the Colts franchise icon and starting quarterback since ‘98 and where Peyton Manning might play next season, if at all. The rumor started after Kansas City area radio host Bob Fescoe said that the Chiefs had been speaking to Manning’s agent have spoken about him specifically twice on occasion.

Obviously some of the buzz started then that there might be a destination in sight for Manning to land once everything is said and done. Then again, the Seahawks were favored just a few days ago and John Clayton insists that the Redskins and Dolphins are the frontrunners. In other words, it’s all likely conjecture at this point.

However, what else is interesting is that several sportswriters are bringing up tampering charges, something the Chiefs know something about after accusing the Detroit Tigers of tampering and gaining a late round draft choice in the process.

A story at reads, “It’s against league rules for any other team to recruit Manning while he’s still under contract to the Colts, but that certainly hasn’t slowed the rumor mill when the subject is the NFL’s only four-time MVP.”

When asked his thoughts, ESPN’s Bill Williamson started with the tampering angle. “Well, first, the league has tampering rules, so if Manning’s agent has talked to the Chiefs, that will get the Chiefs in trouble.”

The Chiefs definitely have to be careful in this instance that they don’t lose precious draft assets or even mess with the guidelines that have been set in place. It’s interesting that Fescoe would say that he knew exactly what Condon had met with Chiefs’ brass about considering that Condon also represents plenty of other NFL players. They could have just as easily met about LaDanian Tomlinson or a number of others.