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NFL Rumors: Robert Griffin III To Browns, Peyton Manning To Chiefs, Saints And Drew Brees Discuss Deal

As the NFL offseason gets under way with this week’s NFL Combine in Indianapolis, the rumors mill is churning up as the talking heads arrive at their computers and begin to dish on the NFL news and notes. For the sake of not wanting any of you to be left out, here’s the latest buzz of note from the NFL.

*The Cleveland Browns’ Pat Shurmur basically admitted that the team was ready to move its two picks for the second overall choice from the St. Louis Rams if they like Robert Griffin III enough. They’re interviewing him at the draft and Shurmur said they’re ready to do what they need to get the players they like.

“We’re open to anything,” said Shurmur when asked specifically about a possible trade with the Rams. “I think that’s the important thing. We’re excited about the fact we can do nothing and pick nine really good players. That’s the starting point. Let’s set it up and fall in love with nine players and pick them, or we have the flexibility to do whatever we want.”

*Bob Fescoe, a local KC area radio host, said the Kansas City Chiefs were discussing Peyton Manning of the Indianapolis Colts with his agent Tom Condon. No moves have been made yet to even free Manning and this would definitely be a case of tampering if it were true. John Clayton of ESPN insists, however, that the Dolphins and Redskins are the favorites if Manning is released.

*In the “no joke” department, the Saints and Drew Brees are finally making progress on a new contract for the team’s star quarterback. Few believe that Brees could really leave the Big Easy but recent developments brought some bad blood into the mix. However, signs are now positive and moving forward.