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Scott Pioli Expects Jamaal Charles, Eric Berry And Tony Moeaki To Be Ready For 2012 Season

The last year was a tumultuous one for the Kansas City Chiefs mostly because they experienced so many season-ending injuries early on. Jamaal Charles was lost in the second game of the season. Tony Moeaki was down before that. Eric Berry and Brandon Siler were lost for the defense. Matt Cassel was injured around the season’s midway point. All in all, the Chiefs were dreadfully unlucky with injuries after a very fortunate year in 2010. Now Scott Pioli, the team’s general manager, says the Chiefs expect all players to be back and ready to play in 2012.

Jamaal Charles has kept a public profile updated on Twitter saying that his rehab is going well, and today at the NFL Combine, Pioli said the same. He also stressed that the Chiefs expect Berry and Moeaki back as well, giving the Chiefs some impact players they sorely missed last season.

There’s still a lot of work to do on the Chiefs roster, but getting these guys back will help more than any other acquisition. After all, the team was already on the rise and they just need to stay healthy and consistent.