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NFL Draft 2012: Robert Griffin III Getting Checked Out By Chiefs At NFL Combine

When the Kansas City Chiefs said they were going to bring in competition at some point this offseason to compete with Matt Cassel for the starting position heading into 2012, the immediate prediction was a veteran in the mold of a Kyle Orton or Jason Campbell. While that’s still likely to happen, it’s also quite interesting to hear the Chiefs general manager Scott Pioli admit that he’s checking in on Robert Griffin III while at the NFL Combine.

“You do your homework because you never know what’s going to happen with a player,” Pioli said. “We have the 11th pick, but you never know where you are going to be and you never know where he’s going to be. Right now there are 10 teams ahead of us throwing out all kinds of smoke signals as to what they’re going to do. You never know. You never know.”

Pioli is right in doing his homework and being prepared for all scenarios, but it’s difficult to get the GM to comment on much of anything. The fact that he revealed that he’s open to moving around in the draft if he likes a player enough or if the situation is right gives hope that the Chiefs might think a bit more radically than some believe when it comes to the NFL Draft.

There’s no way of knowing and other teams like the Browns are much more likely to trade up. But the opening is there for the Chiefs to potentially make a move of their onw.