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NFL Mock Draft 2012: Chiefs Grab Jonathan Martin In Latest From Don Banks

Jonathan Martin, Mike Adams or Riley Reiff. One of those three names are generally the ones that come up when discussing the first pick of the Kansas City Chiefs in the upcoming 2012 NFL Draft. Mock experts have the Chiefs addressing the right tackle position that has been a weakness for some time, and so whoever is left over among the better tackles in the draft usually heads to the Chiefs.

Sports Illustrated’s Don Banks takes this path of least resistance in his latest mock. While he discusses other options, he lands on Martin for the Chiefs.

Banks writes, “The Chiefs have to upgrade at right offensive tackle, and Martin is the most obvious direction to head with both Kalil and Reiff already gone. An inside linebacker like Boston College’s Luke Kuechly or a defensive tackle like Memphis’ Dontari Poe would fill other areas of need with players who will wind up with grades in the top 15-20 range.”

Poe is likely to move up draft boards if he can have a solid combine, while Kuechly is likely to fall as more impressive physical specimens flex their wares in the Combine. That’s generally the way these things move between now and then, but what will not change is the Chiefs need for a tackle.