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Jim Irsay Insists He's Communicating With Peyton Manning Despite Rumors To Contrary

No owner in the NFL makes himself more accessible to the media and general public than Jim Irsay of the Indianapolis Colts. His Twitter feed is often used to give away free tickets, let the public know about events or even to highlight his favorite musical choices of the moment. But recently he’s taken to Twitter to correct media reports he says are false concerning the lack of communication he’s had with Peyton Manning.

Irsay wrote via his Twitter account, “Not sure why some speculate that Peyton n I haven’t met in person recently..we’ve met in person n communicated frequently n last week or so”.

Even with the Super Bowl around recently and the buzz of the Combine this week, it’s clear that Irsay and Manning have now met recently and a move could even be expected sometime soon. Much of the discussion around the lack of communication was implying that a move concerning Manning might have to wait for a while until their official sit-down took place.

If Manning and Irsay are in communication with one another, then there’s no telling when the Colts might pull the trigger on an announcement concerning the iconic quarterback’s future with the team. Until then, teams like the Chiefs and Dolphins among others hoping that Manning will become a free agent will simply have to wait. However, it seems like it might come sooner than later.