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NFL Combine 2012: Cordy Glenn Could Shift To Right Tackle

The Kansas City Chiefs are likely to look for an offensive tackle in the upcoming NFL Draft at some point, but is it possible they will find their right tackle the same way they found their left: by taking a guard. Back when the Chiefs first drafted Branden Albert in the 2008 NFL Draft, they took the guard with the thought of converting him to left tackle. As Cordy Glenn of Georgia weighed in at the NFL Combine, the word is that he might be better suited as a right tackle. That mean the Chiefs could use the same method to fill both sides of their line.

John Clayton writes, "While there could be five or six offensive linemen taken in the first round, this isn't a great group. Cordy Glenn of Georgia helped himself by running a 5.15 40, but he's 6-foot-5 and 345 pounds, heavy enough to be more of a right tackle prospect. Mike Adams of Ohio State is intriguing at 6-foot-7 and 323 pounds, but he only pumped a 225-pound weight 19 times, which is considered weak for a top tackle. He has been a tackle since sixth grade, but he needs more strength. Wisconsin's Peter Konz, the best center in the draft, only bench-pressed 225 pounds 15 times. Still, all could go in the first round."

The Chiefs have been linked to Adams, but he also has his detractors and Clayton again notes his size that could become problematic. If Glenn could develop well as a tackle, the Chiefs have a new talented candidate to consider and that could make things interesting. Jonathan Martin, Adams and Riley Reiff are among those mentioned, but Glenn definitely has the talent to enter the discussion.