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NFL Draft 2012: Lamar Miller, David Wilson Behind Trent Richardson In Running Back Rankings

As the NFL Combine results come in and are analyzed by numerous people wondering how to interpret them for on-field results, it seems as if some level of consensus is coming in about the running backs of the 2012 NFL Draft class. Trent Richardson is still the top choice of all despite not working out. But two more who the Chiefs have been linked to in the second round have emerged: Lamar Miller of Miami and David Wilson of Virginia Tech.

John Clayton, however, says it's closer than what you might think, which means the Chiefs could find better draft value in later rounds perhaps with Isaiah Pead or Chris Polk.

He writes, "David Wilson of Virginia Tech (4.49 40) and Lamar Miller of Miami, FL (4.4 40) may have locked up the Nos. 2 and 3 running back spots, but their distance isn't much ahead of Isaiah Pead of Cincinnati (4.47), Chris Polk of Washington (4.57, although the NFL Network had him at 4.46) and LaMichael James of Oregon (4.45). Doug Martin of Boise State didn't hurt himself with a 4.55, with the NFL Network having him with one time of 4.47.

"It's not a bad group, but it might not be enough to convince many teams to use first-round picks on them. Richardson is the one star of the group."

NFL Draft Countdown has the same rankings with Wilson and then Miller coming after Richardson.

If the Chiefs want to find a value in the middle rounds to complement Jamaal Charles in the running game, they would likely find some impressive help. Wilson can be a three-down back in case of injury. Miller would certainly add another playmaker to the mix in a line-up that's going to undergo reshuffling from recent backs like Jackie Battle and Thomas Jones.