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Peyton Manning Rumors: Peter King Predicts Every Wrong Team Over Kansas City Chiefs For QB's Final Destination

There’s an odd disparity between what makes sense and what you will hear when you look for any possible connection between the Kansas City Chiefs and Peyton Manning. As in, you’ll likely find none if you look for reputable sources giving the Chiefs much of a chance to land the Colts quarterback.

The reality is that the Chiefs would be a great fit for the Colts. They have strong skill position players, so Peyton could immediately come in and have a number of targets. The defense is already the best part of the team, so he wouldn’t have to come in and outgun every opponent. The coaching staff has been consistent despite the change from Todd Haley last season and KC is a low-pressure, small market that would immediately eat him up. And nothing beats Arrowhead Stadium as a home field.

Not only this but Romeo Crennel even came out with comments at the Combine that he would be “crazy” not to consider Manning if he were available. That might lead to tampering charges, but at the very least it should put the Chiefs in the public eye for a possible landing spot for the Colts. Yet check out the latest from Sports Illustrated columnist Peter King.

King writes, “Best guesses for Manning, if he can throw well and is released, in order: 1. Miami, 2. New York Jets, 3. Washington, 4. Seattle, 5. Arizona.”

The Dolphins have imported a Green Bay offensive coordinator as their head coach and a Texas A&M head coach as their OC. Both guys have their primary quarterbacks around and available this offseason with Ryan Tannehill and Matt Flynn both out there for the Dolphins to pick. Would they really step over both to get Manning?

The Redskins have a losing situation in a division with Manning’s brother. Do you really think that Peyton will want to go head to head against Eli when he’s been very careful about publicly supporting him and wanting to avoid such a circus?

The New York Jets play in the same division as the New England Patriots and the ensuing media frenzy would rival anything for Jeremy Lin or Tim Tebow. Perhaps Manning is up for the task, but it’s likely he will want another situation like he has in Indianapolis.

Seattle and Arizona are both good guesses and make more sense than anything else on King’s list, despite public perception or rumors to the contrary. Both are in a winnable division with markets that would love him and coaching staffs that Manning would likely work well with. That said, the Chiefs have the same thing in a division that the Chiefs almost won last season despite firing their head coach.

In short, the Chiefs make more sense than anyone is giving them, including Peter King. It will be interesting to see what factors Manning uses to decide his fate in the end.