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NFL Rumors: Paul Soliai Could Start Bidding War Between Chiefs, Chargers

The Kansas City Chiefs are expected to add significant size to their defensive interior given the lack of proven playmakers at defensive tackle. Kelly Gregg is a free agent and is in the twilight of his career. Jerrell Powe is a developmental prospect at this point, and the Chiefs can ill afford to go forward without adding a significant force on the roster there. That’s why the Chiefs have been linked to Paul Soliai of the Miami Dolphins.

Unfortunately, the Chief won’t be the only team bidding for his services. ESPN’s Bill Williamson says it could come down to a pair of rivals in the Chiefs and San Diego Chargers for Soliai.

Williamson writes, "Miami’s Paul Soliai is headed to free agency and I think both the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Diego Chargers will be interested in him. There will be a lot of interest in Soliai, but I wouldn’t be shocked if both the Chiefs and the Chargers make big plays for him.

“He’d fill a need for both teams. He is a terrific anchor for a 3-4 defense. Soliai is 6-foot-4 and he weighs 355 pounds. While Soliai doesn’t put up a lot of numbers, coaches and scouts around the league think he is an upper-echelon player because he plugs the hole in the running game and he wears down offensive linemen.”

Soliai should command top dollar on the open market, so the Chiefs will have to do their homework on cost analysis and what is the best investment for them. They have the chance to grab a Dontari Poe in the NFL Draft, so that might be the better asset for the investment, but the Chiefs do have money to spend in the free agent market. We’re only a few weeks away from finally knowing how all of this will play out.