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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Jonathan Martin Will Help Keep Chiefs Healthy In 2012

Jamaal Charles. Eric Berry. Brandon Siler. Tony Moeaki. Each of those players were out for almost the entire 2011 NFL season for the Kansas City Chiefs, and you could almost say it was over before it even started. Except even in a season where head coach Todd Haley was fired, drama ensued from the front office and such injuries occurred -- that even took out starting quarterback Matt Cassel for half a season -- the Chiefs were one game away from the playoffs.

That's why in the latest mock from SB Nation's Ryan Van Bibber, he has the Chiefs selecting an offensive lineman to help bolster the depth and quality along the all-important front line. In selecting Jonathan Martin from Stanford, the Chiefs would definitely find a much improved o-line.

Van Bibber writes, "The Chiefs need to shore up their offensive line to keep Matt Cassel upright. The Chiefs were decimated by injuries across the board in 2011, and keeping players healthy is first and foremost in their plans if they want to get back into the playoffs."

The Chiefs have been mentioned with other possibilities, but offensive tackle is the most likely While it's not sexy, most KC fans would be quite happy if this was the selection on draft day.