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2012 NFL Draft: Chiefs Most Likely To Select Brandon Weeden Of Any Quarterbacks, According To ESPN

ESPN’s Bill Williamson took a look at the various rookie quarterbacks available and making the most noise heading into the 2012 NFL Draft in a recent column to see where the Denver Broncos and Kansas City Chiefs might land on particular players. When it plays out, as much as Chiefs fans might want to see a high profile name land in KC, Williamson believes that a second round grab familiar to Big 12 fans might be the most likely.

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When WIlliamson gets to Oklahoma State’s Branden Weeden, this is where he makes his strongest statement. He writes, “I think this is where we start to look for legitimate pairings for either Denver or Kansas City. If Weeden gets to the second round, I can see Kansas City grabbing him. If he gets to Denver’s spot in the second round, I think he will be a favorite to be taken there. Weeden might not have a long NFL career, but it could be productive.”

That’s an interesting take, but the Chiefs have other holes to fill so early in the second round. If the team is also enamored with other mid-round quarterbacks (like Kirk Cousins even one round later), that second round choice would be a spot better served by a guard or defensive tackle (assuming they grab an OT in the first).

Weeden does make sense, however, if the Chiefs make it through free agency without the quarterback they predicted earlier this offseason. The upcoming FA period will say a lot about where the Chiefs will go.