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Kansas City Chiefs Win Workers' Comp Claim Against Ex-Players

The Kansas City Chiefs are dealing with plenty of storylines and angles in the offseason. They have among the largest salary cap space available of any team this winter and are looking towards free agency and the NFL Draft to rebuild for the 2012 season. But the latest wrinkle in the offseason for the Chiefs is that the team has won a workers' comp claim that was filed by some ex-players in California.

James Dornbrook of the Kansas City Business Journal reports that there were 16 former Chiefs players who filed suit in California to receive workers' comp. The lawsuit sought compensation based on California law that protects employees temporarily working in the state.

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On Friday, arbitrator Michael Beck ruled in favor of the Chiefs, saying that none of the players provided specific information detailing injuries that occurred in California. Instead, the players argued that these were cumulative injuries happening in "various cities and states."

Beck ruled that the players are in violation of their contracts and ordered them to stop their pursuit of workers' compensation claims in California.

The 16 former players involved in the dispute with the Chiefs are: Taje Allen, Rocky Boiman, J.R. Niklos, Scott Connot, Donald Edwards Jr., Eric Warfield, Greg Wesley, R-Kal Truluck, Morten Anderson, Shaunard Harts, Patrick Surtain, Gary Stills, Jerome Woods, Damion McIntosh, William Bartee and Steve Williams.

A big win for the Chiefs, certainly. They can now focus their attention on other matters and the season ahead.

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