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NFL Draft 2012: Robert Griffin III Reportedly Has Mystery Team Ready To Trade Up

The latest article from Peter King for Sports Illustrated surveys the land of the quarterback and finds that there are many options to choose from. But when one is as dynamic as Robert Griffin III of Baylor, then teams are still going to clamor to win the rights to select him in the 2012 NFL Draft. King says that among the favorites, there is a mystery team.

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Specifically he writes, “St. Louis is ready to deal its pick, and one NFL source said on Saturday night that the team has already had several feelers—including one from a team ‘you would never expect.’ Most likely trade-up partners: Cleveland (picking fourth), Washington (sixth) and Miami (eighth). It’s likely the Rams will get the highest compensation ever for a draft choice that wasn’t the first overall: at least two picks in the first round plus another.”

Given that the Chiefs were quite enamored with Griffin at the NFL Combine last weekend and their longing to shake up the quarterback spot at least a bit, is it possible that the Chiefs are team kicking the tires on Griffin? It would seem too high a price to pay for Scott Pioli considering how much the Chiefs GM loves his draft assets. Then again, that would easily fit the “unexpected” category thrown out there.

It’s all guesswork at this point, but that’s what makes this time of year so much fun. The thought of a talent like Griffin at the helm of a Chiefs offense that already features so many playmakers is quite exciting in itself.

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