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Peyton Manning Rumors: Chiefs Provide Dolphins' Primary Competition For Colts QB

From John Clayton to Peter King, it seems that most mainstream sportswriters have the Peyton Manning Express making its first stops with the Miami Dolphins or Washington Redskins. After that, it might stop with the Seattle Seahawks or Arizona Cardinals. However the Kansas City Chiefs are often forgotten in the mix or not taken seriously. But Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald says that would be a mistake.

As Salguero surveys the land of the quarterback needy teams and their options, he finds the Chiefs are a darkhorse contender for Manning and says that the Dolphins need to worry about them — for some interesting reasons.

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Salguero writes, “The Chiefs are dangerous in that they are serious. They typically don’t leak stuff. They typically don’t suffer soap opera situations, although the Todd Haley deal bordered on it. They are just a fit for what Manning wants in an organization. They’re all football and no frills. They also have a ton of cap space. Worry about this team if you’re a Dolphins fan.”

Salguero likely doesn’t have the space to mention this, but they also have a defense that could be among the best in the league next season as they get Eric Berry back from injury and add addition depth and help through free agency and the draft. They also have plenty of skill players that Manning could work wonders with — from Dwayne Bowe and Jon Baldwin to Tony Moeaki and Jamaal Charles.

The Dolphins have their reasons as well and Salguero does a great job breaking down the various teams. It’s nice to see the Chiefs taken seriously in another market, since those closer to Arrowhead have to shake their head and wonder what else Manning could want.

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