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Drew Brees Contract Issues Might Force Saints To Use Franchise Tag On Quarterback

The New Orleans Saints are in a bit of a fix. They have several high profile free agents, perhaps more than any team this offseason, and yet they only have one franchise tag. What to do? Popular opinion was that they would reach a long-term agreement with franchise icon Drew Brees and then have to make the difficult decision to tag Carl Nicks or Marques Colston. Given Adam Schefter’s latest news, that might not happen at all.

Schefter is reporting that the two sides are still far apart in a Brees deal and that the team might be forced to franchise him and then work out the contract. Perhaps this is posturing by one side to force the team to capitulatee to Brees’ demands, but if not, this is major news for teams in the NFL waiting to pounce on Carl Nicks especially.

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Colston has been rumored to be on the outs for a while now, but the Saints would seriously miss having a guard like Carl Nicks in the line-up. Nicks has went from a fifth round choice back in 2008 to an All Pro the last two seasons and has won a Super Bowl as well. He’s still young. He’s at the top of his game. He’s among the best in the business and he comes with championship experience. In other words, he’s going to make some team very happy if he comes free.

The Chiefs have been linked to Nicks if he’s available because they have the cap space, have not splurged along the offensive line like other teams and could use the upgrade from Ryan Lilja to partner with Jon Asamoah and new center Rodney Hudson in the middle. The Chiefs would then still need a right tackle via the draft or free agency.

Nicks will have several other suitors as well, so expect a bidding war if he comes free. Apparently Schefter reports we will know something by Monday, the day that teams must franchise their players.