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NFL Free Agency: Wide Receivers Like Dwayne Bowe, Marques Colston Are Set For Great Offseason

If you’re a wide receiver, Jay Glazer has good news for you. In his discussions with various teams around the league, it’s quite clear that many teams are looking to go all-in on upgrading the passing game. Instead of adding a few extra targets through the draft or low-risk free agents, Glazer says teams are preparing to bid against one another in the coming free agency period for one of the few high-profile wideouts on the board.

Glazer writes, “Great year to be a free-agent WR. Had several teams tell me in the last week they’re going to be in the market to make a run at top tier guy”.

For the Chiefs, Dwayne Bowe is the possible target if they don’t franchise him, but all reports say that Bowe will stay with the Chiefs at least through 2012. Perhaps the team could sign and trade him, but Bowe has been the Chiefs passing game for some time and continues to make plays despite quarterback shifts and coordinator changes over the last few years.

Even if Bowe is not around, teams will still have Marques Colston of the Saints, Vincent Jackson of the Chargers and Stevie Johnson of the Bills as possible wide receivers to bid for. Braylon Edwards is also available as is Plaxico Burress. Mario Manningham is also a name to watch. Jackson is the biggest prize of all while no one is sure what the Bills are doing with Johnson.