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Romeo Crennel Says Chiefs Want To Keep Brandon Carr And Dwayne Bowe

The Kansas City Chiefs have money to spend. They also have the makings of a fine young nucleus on both sides of the ball. In fact, there’s more wrong than there is right for a team that missed the playoffs by a game, so fans are hoping to see the final blocks put into place. But that could change if free agents like Brandon Carr and Dwayne Bowe are not re-signed. Suddenly the team will need a lot more than they currently do.

But head coach Romeo Crennel says the Chiefs are focused on getting those guys back at Arrowhead for next season as their “first priority.” In an interview with 810 WHB, Crennel gave the perspective on both players from the organizational stance. Arrowhead Pride has the quotes.

“Those guys have done a good job for us,” Crennel told Soren Petro. “We would like to keep those guys in house. We know the free agency process is a difficult thing at times.” GM Scott Pioli has said the same thing — that he wants to keep both of them. So we’ve established that the Chiefs will make an effort to keep both.

“Hopefully they will want to stay and we’re going to do everything we can to keep him,” Crennel continued. “You just never know. But they are the first priority.”

Losing Bowe would significantly injure an offense that has difficulty moving the chains anyway. Getting players back healthy is only part of the solution. Jon Baldwin did not make “the leap” last year to the pros, so the team cannot afford to lose Bowe and limit an offense even further.

On the flip side, Carr has started every game over four seasons for the Chiefs and creates a dynamic veteran tandem with Brandon Flowers at cornerback. The Chiefs might be forced to grab Dre Kirkpatrick or another top corner in the draft’s first round rather than help at another position if they lose Carr to his hometown Detroit Lions, for instance.

Hopefully their first priority can get things done and the Chiefs can move on to improving other areas.