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Tom Clements Promoted To Packers Offensive Coordinator, Chiefs Must Move On

If the Kansas City Chiefs were ever truly interested in the services of Tom Clements as their own offensive coordinator, they apparently waited too late. Tom Clements was promoted to the offensive coordinator position with the Green Bay Packers yesterday, as announced by Adam Schefter, and the Chiefs are now left with an even smaller pack of candidates to choose from.

Clements had been rumored as a possibility over the last few weeks, but now it looks like Al Saunders of the Oakland Raiders and internal quarterbacks coach Jim Zorn are the two in play. Perhaps another could come from the Patriots and Giants after the Super Bowl, but other teams are likely thinking the same thing. Plus the Patriots tree has been plucked of most available fruit who would qualify.

The Chiefs decision should come soon and it’s hard to tell how they will choose. If Zorn does not get the job, it’s rumored he will walk. If that’s the case, the new offensive coordinator will have at least one position to fill.