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Brian Waters Realizes Career-Long Dreams On Eve Of Super Bowl 46 With Patriots

Brian Waters is another long-time veteran of the Kansas City Chiefs that left the confines of Arrowhead for the sole purpose of winning a championship, something that's been far outside of the Chiefs' grasp in recent years. In this Wall Street Journal profile, Waters is overjoyed to be playing for his first world championship this Sunday with the Patriots, but he doesn't cast any ill will towards the Chiefs organization:

"You just only get so many opportunities at it," said Waters, a six-time Pro Bowl player for the Chiefs. "I knew that as I got older, that the chances were getting slimmer and slimmer."

The piece goes to laud the character of the Patriots' locker room and the "New England culture," terms Chiefs fans are long familiar with under G.M. and former Patriot architect Scott Pioli. Like Tony Gonzalez before him, Waters openly admits that a team change wasn't so much about leaving the Chiefs as it is chasing a title:

"Talking to other players who never got the opportunity to experience this, it's definitely something where a lot of guys feel a void, but you also have to take solace in that fact that not too many people get to play this game," Waters said.

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