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NFL Hall Of Fame Class: Raiders' Tim Brown Upset No Wide Receivers Chosen In 2012

Tim Brown’s numbers rival a number of other wide receivers available and deserving of Hall of Fame consideration, and yet he was receiving throws from subpar quarterback compared to others. Still he has revealed that no wideout was allowed in at all this year. It’s still unofficial and it’s hard to tell how he knew. Among others being considered are Cris Carter of the Minnesota Vikings and Andre Reed of the Buffalo Bills.

Brown writes on his Twitter account, “Raider nation!! Don’t bother to watch tonight they passed on me again!! In fact, no wrs made it again. Gotta get some of y’all in there!!”

The announcement is being made soon to move from 12 to 10 and then the finalists will be cut down to five tonight and those will be the finalists. Another two senior candidates can be selected separately. This will be the 50th class for induction into Canton.