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Willie Roaf Thanks Chiefs For 'A Chance To Play'

Being the newest member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, Wilie Roaf had plenty of people to thank for earning this highest honor. The main point Roaf made was about how he was given a chance to continue his career with the Kansas City Chiefs after he injured his knee with the New Orleans Saints in 2001 season, and most thought his career was done.

The biggest statement that Roaf said that his years with the Chiefs were more important than his years with the Saints:

"The Kansas City years were more important (for the Hall of Fame) than the New Orleans years, even though I went to seven Pro Bowls in New Orleans," Roaf said by phone while en route to Indianapolis, where he will be introduced with the rest of the Class of 2012 before tonight's Super Bowl.

"I went to Kansas City and played with that great offensive line ... I needed Kansas City more than Kansas City needed me, and I'm thankful to (them) for giving me a chance to play."


"I played four years with the Chiefs, and those were great," he said, "but I'm from Arkansas ... I went to Louisiana Tech ... I grew up in Louisiana basically. My history goes more with the Saints than the Chiefs, but believe me, my Chiefs days were very, very special to me, and I will cherish those."

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