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NFL Draft 2012: Dre Kirkpatrick Has Misdemeanor Marijuana Charges Dropped

Liz Mullen of the Sports Business Journal is reporting that Dre Kirkpatrick’s misdemeanor marijuana charge has been dropped and now the Alabama star cornerback is free of any legal issues he was facing leading up to the NFL Draft. While that doesn’t clear him of any character concerns from teams leery of such things (as every team should be), it does however provide some relief to know there are no legal wranglings to worry about.

As for his talents, Kirkpatrick is among the top corners in the draft and every team could always use another one. For the Chiefs, they are going to contend with a corner most likely if Brandon Carr leaves via free agency, which is certainly a possibility despite the team recently saying that keeping Carr and Dwayne Bowe were the first priorities of the off-season. If the Chiefs lose Carr, then Kirkpatrick is a real possibility at No. 11 or 12 in the first round.