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Peyton Manning Rumors: Miami Dolphins Listed As Early Favorites By Adam Schefter

Where will Peyton go? That’s the biggest off-season question of all and the Kansas City Chiefs are just a number of teams that could possibly be involved in landing the quarterback. Manning is bound to go somewhere other than Indianapolis this off-season and Adam Schefter says that the Miami Dolphins could be labeled early favorites at this stage to land the soon-to-be free agent. Then again, his reasons are a bit odd.

Schefter writes, “The team that is the favorite in my mind to land Manning is Miami. The Dolphins can offer warm weather and a favorable contract, and the team has been screaming for a franchise quarterback since Dan Marino left. Make Miami the favorite for now. But we’ve already seen what being a favorite meant to New England in this Super Bowl.”

Warm weather? Favorable contract? There are a number of teams — from the Chiefs to the Redskins — who can offer as much money or more than Miami. Warm weather should not play a part if the team around Manning would be horrible. If anything, the Chiefs have the skill positions up and ready for a quarterback like Manning to use — from a young exciting tight end to a dynamic running game to very capable receivers. It’s essentially a plug-and-play.

Still, the Dolphins will at least be involved in this game and the rumors will continue to swirl until Peyton signs somewhere.