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Todd Haley Officially Hired As New Pittsburgh Steelers Offensive Coordinator

Todd Haley has finally found a home in a place that should be near to his heart. Just as his father was involved with the Pittsburgh Steelers for years, the former head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs has reportedly been hired as the team’s new offensive coordinator. Haley takes over for Bruce Arians who was not re-signed after his contract expired, and Arians subsequently took a position with the Indianapolis Colts under new head coach Chuck Pagano.

Haley definitely had a tension with Scott Pioli and was fired with less than three years on the job. Haley won a division title in 2010 as the Chiefs head coach and won 10 games in the process. Yet this year, the team’s up and down performance and drama with the front office led to an impossible situation and Haley was let go. Even after he was fired, Haley was part of an article by Kent Babb that purported a paranoid work atmosphere at Arrowhead that included phone tapping and surveillance allegations.

Haley has a good offensive mind and should help the Steelers receivers take things to the next level although there’s already some great dynamic talent in play. Haley also knows how to develop a strong running game, and that’s what the Rooney family was reportedly wanting the Steelers to get back to. While Ben Roethlisberger didn’t want to see Arians leave, he should be happy at the replacement. Haley will be just fine in Pittsburgh and they will likely love him back.