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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Mocking The Draft Predicts Chiefs Select Jonathan Martin In First Round

The New York Giants have officially won Super Bowl XLVI and have been crowned king of the NFL. That means the 2012 NFL draft order is officially set which gives draftniks from every corner of the Internet an excuse to come out with new mock drafts. The Chiefs knew they'd be going on the clock at No. 11 for over a month and for a month (and longer) they have been predicted to select an offensive lineman.

Mocking the Draft's latest mock draft is no different. They believe that the Chiefs will select Stanford tackle Jonathan Martin with their first-round pick.

The Chiefs toy with the idea of DeCastro because he is the best lineman available, but Martin would be able to come in and start at left tackle right away. This would move Brandon Albert inside to become a potential pro bowl guard or to the other side of the line where there is less pressure. Either scenario would be improving two positions with one pick, helping make up for the value lost in taking Martin over DeCastro.

There's no question that the Chiefs need to upgrade their offensive line and with Martin at left tackle, they could move some bodies around to have a much better line in 2012 than in 2011. Martin stands at 6-foot-6 and weighs in at 305 pounds and has the potential to be a starter from day one.

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