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NFL Mock Draft 2012: Luke Kuechly Could Create NFL's Best Linebacking Corps For Kansas City Chiefs

With his latest mock for the 2012 NFL Draft, Ryan McChrystal chooses a name for the Kansas City Chiefs that comes up often these days before the NFL Combine. Luke Kuechly is his choice over at Draft Ace, the scouting service he’s been running for most of the last decade. Kuechly might not be the right need to address, but he does have value, he argues, so that becomes the pick as Pioli will still stick to his board.

McChrystal writes, “A strong case could be made for an offensive lineman here (DeCastro, Martin or Adams) but Kuechly represents the best value at a position of need. The Chiefs can still find an adequate offensive lineman in free agency or in the 2nd round, but Kuechly is special and would be an enormous upgrade over Jovan Belcher at inside linebacker.”

If the Chiefs had such a dynamic foursome at linebacker, the results could be incredible. The Chiefs’ defense already kept them in many games last season and even helped them win against the likes of the Packers. Strengthening that unit could go far into making it one of the top defensive units in the NFL.