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Chiefs Free Agency: Marcus McNeill Would Make Intriguing Buy-Low Tackle Candidate

The San Diego Chargers are going to have to make some significant moves with their veteran free agents if they are going to get under the cap enough to repair the current holes on the roster. That means that some familiar names like Takeo Spikes and Luis Castillo might be set free to sign with other teams. One such name that Kevin Acee from the San Diego Union-Tribune brings up is Marcus McNeill as a likely candidate to be released.

Acee writes, "For one, they will likely clear the books of $10 million by waiving left tackle Marcus McNeill. McNeill has to be cleared by a team doctor by the third day of the new league year, which begins March 13, or his 2012 salary is not guaranteed. McNeill is not expected to get a clean bill of health from the Chargers.

The Chiefs are definitely going to make some sort of moves along their offensive line. They tried to add a veteran tackle last off-season with Jared Gaither, but ended up releasing him later in the season before he caught on with the Chargers, coincidentally, and Gaither ended up working out rather well. McNeill, meanwhile, has struggled with health concerns and should be let go. Yet he could play the same kind of role this off-season that Gaither was intended to last year.

McNeill is still only 28 and he's a two time Pro Bowler. The Chiefs are struggling at the tackle position as Steve Maneri was the only back-up late in 2011. That's a dangerous road for any team to follow and signing at least one veteran makes a lot of sense. If Pioli is looking to buy low, perhaps McNeill could be that player.