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Peyton Manning Becoming A Kansas City Chief Considered A Vegas Longshot

According to at least one Las Vegas sportsbook, the chances are slim Peyton Manning will pull a modern day Joe Montana and start a second career with the Kansas City Chiefs. Here's the info, courtesy of SB Nation Arizona Cardinals blog Revenge Of The Birds:

Sportsbook just put out their latest odds as to what team Peyton Manning will be playing for in 2012. They are as follows:

Retire- 20%, Miami Dolphins- 20%, Washington Redskins- 17%, Stays With Indianapolis Colts- 14%, New York Jets-11%, Arizona Cardinals- 3%, Denver Broncos- 3%, San Francisco 49ers- 2%, Tennessee Titans- 1.5%, Kansas City Chiefs- 1.5%

How these numbers correspond to the actual likelihood of Manning's destination are a little suspect - for weeks the Cardinals have been considered a likely destination, while in Nashville, the Titans have absolutely shut down any talk of Manning coming "home" to Tennessee. With the bulk of free agency yet to be played out, it's best to consider these percentages as simply a fun prop bet and nothing valid.

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