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Jerheme Urban Hopes To Catch On In NFL Free Agency, Earn More Playing Time

Jerheme Urban has been a familiar name to those who've paid attention to the Kansas City Chiefs' roster over the last couple of years, although not if you've just watched the team on the field. That's because the wide receiver has been present but not active most of the time as former head coach Todd Haley chose to go in other directions on the depth chart instead of looking at Urban. Now he hopes to not only catch on with a team in the upcoming NFL free agency period but even to earn some more playing time.

Last year, Urban was active for six games and caught four total passes, so the term limited playing time certainly applies.

"Absolutely it was frustrating [not playing last season]," Urban told Mike Forman of the Victoria Advocate. "But you have to respect the coaches' decision. You just come to work every day, do your job and work hard because you never know what can happen."

Yet Urban is clear that even at 31-years-old, he still believes he has a few seasons left. Whether or not those are with the Chiefs, that's up to whoever is making the roster decisions at this point.

"I want to play two, three or four more seasons," he said. "My body feels great. The upside of not playing much is I didn't get tackled much and I'm feeling great."