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NFL Free Agency: Brandon Carr Is Listed As Second Best Player On FA Market

The Kansas City Chiefs are going to have their work cut out for them if they are going to sign both of their big free agents in cornerback Brandon Carr and wide receiver Dwayne Bowe. Both players are still young yet have tremendous experience as immediate starters in the NFL and both are likely to get paid the big bucks this off-season. The Chiefs can only hope that the sway of more money doesn’t take them away from KC.

But Carr is now listed among the best free agents available overall, and those are the kinds of names that can change teams for the franchise willing to outbid everyone. Now the Chiefs have nearly as much money as anyone this off-season, yet Carr’s hometown team, the Detroit Lions, have already been linked to Carr if he leaves the Chiefs. In other words, this isn’t a simple re-sign.

Pete Prisco loves Carr on the open market and writes, “How often do good man-cover players in their prime hit the market? This kid is about to get paid. He is this high because he plays a premium position well. He turns 26 in May.”

The pressure is definitely on Scott Pioli to keep Carr opposite Brandon Flowers, the Chiefs other top corner, for the next few years. The Chiefs secondary has been a strong point and keeping Carr would allow the team to upgrade the roster elsewhere. To lose Carr would force the team to possibly grab a corner in the first round in Dre Kirkpatrick, for example, instead of drafting an offensive or defensive tackle.