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NFL Draft 2012: Robert Griffin III Could Warrant Jon Baldwin Trade For Kansas City Chiefs

With recent word that an unexpected mystery team was involved in the Robert Griffin III trade sweepstakes, Chris Burke of Sports Illustrated took a stab at who the teams could potentially bein a recent column. Alongside the Bills, Cowboys and Ravens, the Chiefs were also mentioned and some interesting trade discussions came up concerning the Chiefs very pick from last year’s first round in the NFL Draft.

Burke writes, “Another team that met with Griffin at the combine, thereby at least kicking the tires on this possibility. Kansas City picks 11th, so the Chiefs would have to offer up a trade package even more lucrative than what Cleveland, Washington, Miami or possibly Buffalo could. Maybe they’d have to toss in a worthwhile player too — and since I’m wildly spitballing scenarios, I’ll toss out Jonathan Baldwin as a fit for the receiver-needy Rams if the Chiefs keep Dwayne Bowe in the fold. The hurdles would be numerous for Kansas City to weave its way to the top of the draft, but remember that this is a team far from satisfied with its quarterback situation.”

The Chiefs would certainly have to make it work for the Rams, and throwing out talented young players like Baldwin isn’t a bad guess. That said, the likelihood of this deal is next to none. Burke admits as much that he’s “spitballing” but it’s likely a move that Scott Pioli would not make and it’s also not enough for the No. 2 choice in the draft either.

The Chiefs are going to have to give up a crazy amount of picks or sign and trade one of their franchise options to make this work. The reality is that they are not positioned well to grab Griffin.