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NFL Free Agency: Carl Nicks Expects To Be Highest Paid Guard In Football

The best available offensive lineman on the NFL free agent market wants to be paid like it. Carl Nicks makes no bones about that fact. But what is also clear is that the New Orleans Saints are prepared to move on from Nicks, making him available to the highest bidder.

“Nothing has really changed [from the Saints perspective],” said Nicks in a radio interview with WWL AM 870. “I thought I meant more to the team than that, but I guess it is what it is. I think they’re probably going to draft a young guy in the late rounds like they did with me and Jahri [Evans].”

Nicks realizes his cost might be prohibitive and admits as much, but still doesn’t understand the lack of movement on the team’s part.

“I just think that’s the plan, because maybe I cost too much or maybe I’m not in the future plans or maybe I can get somebody younger or cheaper or whatever the case may be. I haven’t heard anything.

When asked directly what he will cost a team wanting to sign him, his message was quite clear.

“I plan to be the highest paid guard in the NFL,” said Nicks. "You can take that whatever kind of way, but that’s my goal.

“I don’t want to sound cocky or anything, but I’ve busted by butt for four years and made a couple of Pro Bowls,” he continued. “For my first three years, I was the lowest paid guard of all the starting guards in the NFL. I never complained. I never held out. I came in early when no one else was doing that. I’ve been dedicated to the team, and I’ve proven myself. I feel like I should get paid what I deserve.”

The Chiefs could be interested in NIcks if they lose out on the Peyton Manning sweepstakes since they will have a massive amount of cap room and needs along the offensive front. Everyone along the front line is quite manageable within the salary cap, so it’s a position the Chiefs could afford a splash.