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Chiefs Scouts Among Many Checking Out Northern Illinois QB Chandler Harnish

Scott Pioli has said that the Kansas City Chiefs are going to be interested in potentially selecting a developmental quarterback every year in the NFL Draft. Perhaps his scouts were checking out the next one at Northern Illinois University's recent Pro Day featuring Chandler Harnish among others. The Chiefs were among a number of teams with pro scouts at the event.

For Harnish, it was a chance to show off his arm strength since he says everyone refers to it as his weakness.

"Well, yea, I get a little sick of hearing about how I have all the intangibles, and I’m a great leader and all, but that I may not have the arm for the NFL," Harnish said. "I wanted to show that I do have that type of arm, and that I can do what it takes. I’ve got an arm, too. I got to show that a little bit today."

Other teams at the event include the Packers, Patriots Colts and Cardinals.