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NFL Rumors: Vincent Jackson Suitors Include Bears, Redskins And Bucs

The NFL free agent market begins on Tuesday and it's going to feature a mad scramble as every team in the league tries to bolster its roster by convincing the available players to sign with them. It's a madhouse that fans love and players have to love being wooed by multiple teams since it only means more money for them. The San Diego Chargers are likely to lose one of their star offensive performers with the availability of Vincent Jackson on the open market.

Previous rumors had the Redskins and even the Bears among those vying for Jackson's services and both teams need a big time receiver to go with their offense. But now the Chicago Sun Times has the Bucs entering the picture. Evan Silva says that doesn't jive with what he's hearing:

This basically disputes a Sunday night Union-Tribune San Diego report that the Redskins and Bears had emerged as the teams likely to make the most aggressive runs at Jackson. The U-T San Diego did mention the Bucs as a possible pursuer of Jackson, but not as a favorite. Expect some reports to conflict over the next few days as player agents spread word in attempts to increase their clients' markets. The Sun Times' Sean Jensen suggests the Bears may be "among the serious suitors who might come up short.

In short, Jackson is going to have multiple bidders as the top target available in free agency. Wherever he lands, it's going to be for big money. The Chargers, meanwhile, will definitely be hurting without their best receiver. Just picture the Chiefs trying to move on without Dwayne Bowe.