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Tim Tebow Rumors: Jaguars May Chase Broncos Quarerback If Peyton Manning Signs

Tim Tebow is a man caught in the middle. As the Denver Broncos' starting quarterback last season, he helped the team unexpectedly win the AFC West just one season after the team had the second pick in the NFL Draft. Von Miller and the rest of the Broncos defense helped, of course, and John Fox did a fine coaching job. But Tebow certainly played his part. Yet a rift has clearly formed between the hopes and expectations of John Elway and the Denver front office and their celebrated star quarterback.

Now another team might be willing to step up and take him if the Broncos can sign Peyton Manning, who is currently on his free agent tour. Manning is expected to sign at some point this week and his presence on the Broncos roster will free them up to trade Tebow and get away with it.

"The Jaguars would reportedly be 'in the mix' to acquire Tebow were he made available," a Rotoworld report reads. also reports Tebow is expected to remain the starter if the Broncos are unable land Manning, as they have already "done their due diligence" on the upcoming free-agent class and are having a "hard time finding anyone who would be interested in becoming the focal point of the fury of the Tebowmaniacs." Manning appears to be the only way out of a situation neither Broncos coach John Fox nor VP of Football Operations John Elway want anything to do with, the site says.

The Jags would certainly welcome the positive PR, but it's impossible to tell if they would be interested in him personnel wise. They already traded up for their franchise quarterback in Blaine Gabbert and they just gave the GM an extension for three more years to Gene Smith. It's hard to see a new owner stepping on toes so blatantly.

Nevertheless, this entire affair is, at the very least, interesting for all given the drama and the size of the characters involved.