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Sione Pouha Signs Three-Year Deal With New York Jets, Leaves Paul Soliai Happy

The Kansas City Chiefs are among the many teams with holes in the middle of the defensive interior. Kelly Gregg is likely to retire or move on after staying in Kansas City for one season. There are only inexperienced, developmental players after that on the roster. Allen Bailey and Amon Gordon can silde over, but there’s no dominant player the Chiefs can build their 3-4 defense around. Thus, the team was expected to kick the tires on a few options in the NFL free agency period. Count one name off of the list.

Adam Schefter is reporting
that Sione Pouha reached a three year agreement to stay with the New York Jets. That takes another top DT target off of the available list and makes Paul Soliai one of the only real options out there for a team wanting to significantly upgrade its roster. There are other options, of course, but none that stand out like Soliai. And now that Pouha is off the table, his price just likely went even higher.

The Dolphins franchised Soliai last season for over $12 million and the cost became cap prohibitive at this point. Thus Soliai is now a free man and can head to any team searching for their own version of Haloti Ngata. Perhaps the Chiefs will wait until the draft to take a player like Dontari Poe. Even then, the rookie is no guarantee.

Sometime this week, the Chiefs are likely to show their hand on their defensive intentions at the position. Here’s hoping they can still grab their man before it’s too late.