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Peyton Manning Rumors: Dolphins And Titans Get Meetings Scheduled, Chiefs Likely Out

The Peyton Manning tour is apparently going to continue, making rumors that the Cardinals and Broncos were the only teams in it false. Unfortunately for Chiefs fans, the new rumor from Chris Mortensen is not good. Instead, Mort is reporting that the Titans and Dolphins are each going to get their chance to chat with Peyton Manning, although it will not be the full tour and team facility meetings that the last two have been.

Specifically, Mortensen notes that the head coach of both teams is going to get a personal visit with Peyton away from team facilities. That means that Joe Philbin and Mike Munchak each bear the weight of the responsibility to try to lure Manning to consider their teams and, at the very least, come for more of a full on visit.

Perhaps this is also a gesture on Manning’s part to personally tell teams that have publicly stated they are interested that he is not going to be interested in them. But that seems odd to choose the head coaches to do so and take that time rather than send a statement. After all, every team can open their wallets in just over 24 hours for the free agency period, so Peyton taking a few days to politely decline the interest of others is rather time consuming and selfish.

At this point, however, it seems the reports are real that the Chiefs are not in the race whatsoever. The Titans and Dolphins, meanwhile, have new signs of life.