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2012 NFL Draft: Ryan Tannehill Called 'Franchise Quarterback' By Wes Bunting

Andrew Luck is a sure thing. Robert Griffin III is likely going to be quite a dynamic player for the Redskins. Beyond that, there’s no telling exactly what the quarterback class of the 2012 NFL Draft holds. Some like Brandon Weeden. Others think Kirk Cousins holds promise. Ryan Tannehill is often regarded as the third best quarterback, but can he become a franchise quarterback and provide needy teams a solid future at the position? Wes Bunting of the National Football Post believes so.

Bunting loves Tannehill and says he’s worth of a high first round choice. He writes, “With such limited experience at the quarterback position it’s not a case of where this guy is right now, but where he can be in 2/3 years. I love the talent and the overall production from a guy who doesn’t have much experience playing from under center as he plays way beyond his years. A potential franchise quarterback in my mind.”

The Kansas City Chiefs are picking at a spot that might be too late to grab Tannehill given that eight teams would have to pass on the next quarterback in line for the Chiefs to stay at No. 11 and grab him after the Colts and Skins take their two picks in Luck and Griffin. It’s hard to imagine every other team above them letting a quarterback slide.

To that end, if the Chiefs love Tannehill to any degree, expect them to try to move up. If not, then they should be glad that some team will think so highly of him that he will go before they choose.

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