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Peyton Manning Update: Peter King Surprised That Chiefs Aren't Favored Over Broncos

The Peyton Manning Express is making its way from the West back to the East and apparently stopping in Nashville along the way. But count Peter King among the many surprised fans and media writers who wonder why the Kansas City Chiefs are not being considered. After all, the team is a perfect fit for Manning for many different reasons — seemingly more so than the Denver Broncos who Manning spent considerable time with over the weekend.

King writes, “San Diego and Oakland have quarterbacks and/or no cap room to go get Manning. I am surprised he views Denver clearly better than the Chiefs, which apparently he does. Kansas City has better backs, if Jamaal Charles returns whole this year, and comparable if not better receivers. The Chiefs had a better defense last year, by three points and 24 yards allowed per game.”

Rumors were saying that Manning might be done with his tour and that he narrowed his choices down to Arizona and Denver. Now he’s making a trip to visit the Titans and he’s also meeting with Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin. In other words, he’s meeting with everyone who is seriously interested except for the Chiefs and Seattle Seahawks.

Given the timing of things, the Chiefs will likely have to move on in 24 hours as free agency starts tomorrow at 3pm CT. It’s frustrating and definitely shocking and it seems that local fans aren’t alone in their bias.